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1st Social Trading Crypto Currency Platform Game

What is Coin2Be?

Coin2Be is the first trading cryptocurrencies game. It also has the prupose to be a cryptocurrency social network.

As it is made on a trading Platform Model, you can sell and buy coins and also setting limits.

So what makes it a social network?

It's a trading social network game, because you can like other user's limits and soon you will be able to follow other players.

It's based on real coin markets.

How Coin2Be works?

When you register, you get 1000$.

It is all yours, it is your call to spend it in cryptos and become the richest player or the most popular one.

Next Features and TODOs

  • Historic of transaction
  • User Profile Page
  • Following user
  • Teams Ranking
  • Monthly, weekly and yearly Ranking
  • Historic of all your transaction.
  • Coin2Be back office for me (The admin), I need to managed to make your experience better.
  • Rewards for the top rankers.
  • iOS and Android App

Coin2Be Rules

  • You get 1000$ on registration
  • You can sell, buy and set limits for any type of coin.
  • You can like and dislike limits from other players.
  • You can become the richest player or the most liked one.
  • If you want to add other kinds of coins, just hit me a message (It takes a lot of ressources to make all the calculations, so sorry if i cannot add all the different types of coins for now).
  • You can contact me for any bug or cool featured that you want to had.

Who is Coin2Be ?

For now it's just me. I'm a web developer and a cryptocurrency fan.

I'm sorry in advance about any trouble or inconvenience the use of this site might cause you. Please be forgiveful as this site is still in progress. Feel free to send me your experience and feedback at any time. You can contact me for any technical problem or cool feature that you would like to find on my site.

But feel free to contact me in any case. You'll find the contact info down below.

If you want to help in any way (monetisation of the website, developpement, SEO, ...) or support me by donating, i'll give you my Bitcoin Wallet information below.

Support Us

I say us but for now it's only me. I hope to find some people to join this adventure.

My Bitcoin Wallet : 3Fz9TcR7P6FNi7xkvaNqRnMkGGgTQBfqwX

My Ethereum Wallet : 0xf3c1b3e2eb421efae92dbbefc710a494e15b0af1

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